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Thurston First Bank: An Epoch of Unwavering Community Support and Innovation

Welcome to our commemoration of Thurston First Bank, a pillar of the local banking landscape, devotedly serving its community from 2004 to 2016. This digital tribute honors its exceptional contributions, robust community bonds, and the rich legacy it has left behind.

At the heart of Thurston First Bank’s identity was a firm commitment to the community it served. It was not just a bank but a powerful ally for individuals and local businesses alike, providing financial solutions catering to their specific needs. From helping emerging companies to aiding families in procuring their dream homes, the bank was a reliable partner on every financial journey.

Thurston First Bank’s tenure was marked by numerous achievements, notably its personalized banking approach that nurtured deep-seated trust with customers. Its innovative financial solutions not only catalyzed the local economy’s growth but also empowered community members, fostering prosperity and resilience in times of change.

2016 a significant transition occurred as Thurston First Bank merged with Commencement Bank. While the Thurston First Bank chapter closed, the essence of its dedication to the community was carried forward, continuing to influence the local banking scene.

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While Thurston First Bank has evolved into Commencement Bank, the enduring influence of its original spirit remains, resonating through the community it faithfully served. Through this digital archive, we aim to keep the memory of Thurston First Bank alive, a testament to its significant role in the community’s fabric.

Note: This page serves as an archive and is not affiliated with or authorized by Thurston First Bank or any other banking institution.

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