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Other Business Services

Everything you need to stay on track

Our Cash Management team specializes in finding the right products and services to fit your business so that you have everything you need, and nothing you don't.

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Credit Card

Offered through our partner, Elan Financial Services

Find the Business Credit Card that is right for you

Business Credit Card Options

View account activity, payment history, and even make payments online

Managing your business credit card has never been easier. Access your Commencement Bank credit card account online to analyze spending, review statements, pay your bill, and more. https://www.myaccountaccess.com/onlineCard/login.do.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

Gain financial control with direct deposits and direct debits

Businesses and non-profit organizations can streamline accounts payable and receivable processes with ACH Origination. This service enables you to initiate credit and debit transactions for employee direct deposit, vendor payments, dues and more. Contact our Cash Management Team today at onlinebanking@commencementbank.com or call us directly at 253.284.1826 to learn more about how ACH Origination can improve your cash flow and increase your overall business efficiency.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit checks directly from your desktop

Eliminate trips to the bank with the power and convenience of Remote Deposit Capture. With a scanner we provide and web capability, you can securely scan and submit checks directly from your desktop computer. You won’t miss photocopying and filing check images, filling out a deposit slip, and endorsing every check as our scanners capture all of the necessary information using intelligent character recognition technology. A virtual deposit ticket is sent to the bank, encoded with your account number and your deposit total.


Businesses with multiple locations can centralize deposits into one account while tracking deposits by location. It has never been easier to make deposits and manage your accounts than with Remote Deposit Capture. Checks clear faster, which means your money goes to work for you earlier.

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Positive Pay

Add an additional line of defense against losses due to fraud or error

When it comes to preserving your profits, it never hurts to have an extra set of eyes. Positive Pay gives you the ability to proactively authorize checks before they clear your account.

Upload your check issue file within online banking. Then, each morning, designated online banking users are presented with:

•    Checks not included in the issue file
•    Checks with duplicated serial numbers
•    Checks without serial numbers
•    Checks for which the paid amount differs from the amount on your issue file


If an unauthorized or altered check is identified, you will be notified electronically. By validating the dollar amount and check number of each check before it is paid, you shield your business from costly losses and gain peace of mind.

Best of all, Positive Pay is integrated with our teller system, offering you further protection if a payee tries to cash an unauthorized check.

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Sweep Accounts

Optimize your earnings potential

Our sweep services automate the management of your working capital by minimizing your borrowing, efficiently managing the funding of payroll, earning interest on excess funds, and much more. Contact our Cash Management Team at onlinebanking@commencementbank.com or 253.284.1826 to determine the sweep account that best suits your business needs.

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Lockbox Remittance Processing

A coordinated service to handle all of your receivables

Lockbox is designed to accelerate the receipt and deposit of check and credit card payments sent through the mail by collecting customer payments at a centralized location instead of your business address. In addition to reducing mail, this service can dramatically enhance your business by:

•    Improving cash flow by streamlining the receivables process
•    Reducing overhead costs associated with manual processing
•    Providing you with greater visibility and control of your payments
•    Offering an added benefit for your customers


Our lockbox service can support a wide range of billing services. Contact our Cash Management Team at onlinebanking@commencementbank.com or call 253.284.1826 to learn more.

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Mobile Branch

Banking delivered to the front door of your business

No one understands the value of time quite like a business owner. Thurston First Bank has responded by deploying Mobile Branches. Our bonded mobile branch managers come to your place of business, providing the same service and protection as the teller window, including insurance the moment the deposit is handed over. They can even fulfill change order requests by delivering specified amounts of coin and currency. The Mobile Branch eliminates employer liability during transport.  


Additional benefits include:


  • Time and gas savings
  • Fraud control by using tamper-evident bags and a unique logging system
  • Same day deposit credit (as opposed to night drop)
  • Delivery of change orders as well as pick up of deposits

Now that's service!                       



Mobile Branch Savings Estimator


How much does it cost you to make a deposit? Assuming that you make five deposits per week and you drive six miles roundtrip to your bank, your deposits could cost you approximately $3,492.00 a year! Here's how:



Trips to the bank each week = 5

Miles roundtrip = 6

Mileage reimbursement (IRS) = $0.55

Weekly travel cost = $16.50


Employee travel time = 30 minutes

Lobby wait time = 15 minutes

Estimated hourly wage = $15.00

Weekly wage = $56.25


Estimated total daily cost = $14.55

Estimated total weekly cost = $72.75

Estimated total monthly cost = $291.00

Estimated annual total cost = $3,492.00



Note: Mobile Branch is a complimentary service offered to our full relationship clients.

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