<span>A catch</span>Above the rest

Olympia Seafood Company

"'Community' at Thurston First Bank is knowing that the chain of local we've worked so hard to create stays unbroken."

At Olympia Seafood, we know 'fresh'. For over 13 years we've been laser focused on our mission in life - take something that is highly perishable, extremely delicate, very expensive... and keep it fresh. Fresh is our foundation, and we are intimately familiar with the daily (sometimes hourly) tasks and procedures that must be accomplished to maintain that solid foundation. Fresh is not easy, fresh is not half-way, and fresh doesn't forget.


At Olympia Seafood, we also know 'family'. We are a husband/wife ownership team that works closely with commercial fishing family members to connect our community directly with the source. We've been talking business over the coffee pot and around the dinner table for as long as we can remember, and each person that joins the team at Olympia Seafood becomes part of our fishmonger family.


At Olympia Seafood, we know 'community'. In an ever increasing world of global marketing and sales, we find the most value in the common sense theory of 'local food for local people'. We intentionally dedicate our service to the people who make up our local communities, connect them with the finest in nourishing locally caught fish, and count ourselves fortunate to be supported by both customers and fishermen.

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