Hero: Mobile Branch Banking

Mobile Branch Banking

No one understands the value of time like a business owner

Thurston First Bank has responded by deploying Mobile Branches. Our bonded mobile branch managers come to your place of business, providing the same service and protection as the teller window, including insurance the moment the deposit is handed over. They can even fulfill change order requests by delivering specified amounts of coin and currency. The Mobile Branch eliminates employer liability during transport.  


Additional benefits include:


  • Time and gas savings
  • Fraud control by using tamper-evident bags and a unique logging system
  • Same day deposit credit (as opposed to night drop)
  • Delivery of change orders as well as pick up of deposits

Now that's service!                       



Mobile Branch Savings Estimator


How much does it cost you to make a deposit? Assuming that you make five deposits per week and you drive six miles roundtrip to your bank, your deposits could cost you approximately $3,492.00 a year! Here's how:



Trips to the bank each week = 5

Miles roundtrip = 6

Mileage reimbursement (IRS) = $0.55

Weekly travel cost = $16.50


Employee travel time = 30 minutes

Lobby wait time = 15 minutes

Estimated hourly wage = $15.00

Weekly wage = $56.25


Estimated total daily cost = $14.55

Estimated total weekly cost = $72.75

Estimated total monthly cost = $291.00

Estimated annual total cost = $3,492.00



Note: Mobile Branch is a complimentary service offered to our full relationship clients.

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