<span>It's all in</span>The details


For decades, Drees has been the place to go to buy gifts for special occasions, register for weddings, get prepared for the next season, or treat yourself to quality soaps and lotions, exquisite chocolates, a luxurious scarf or piece of jewelry. It’s also the place to find that perfect pillow, lamp, vase or other accessory to complement your home decor.

Located in downtown Olympia since 1929, Drees is one of the oldest independent retailers in the U.S. Ruthann Goularte bought Drees in 1976 and moved back to her hometown of Olympia, Washington, to run this wonderful store where she shopped as a child under it’s original ownership. Ruthann is married to interior designer, David Goularte. David Bettencourt Goularte Interior Design Studio is a partner with Drees, and is located adjacent in the same historic 1895 building.

Like her mentor, Mr. Drees, Ruthann deeply believes in quality, and items that both through construction and design, will stand the test of time. She states, “I’m against throw-away-ism. Let’s buy things to keep them, to cherish them, to enjoy them for a long time.”

Ruthann's feelings about quality parallel her choice of Thurston First Bank. "The bank’s philosophy is quality in everything they do. One visit to the bank and you will see, hear, feel the difference." The staff is the backbone of the quality experience at Thurston First Bank. She loves calling the bank and knowing she will always get a real person to answer. To her, "It’s the small things that are really the big things."

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