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Captain Little

In today’s hyper-technological and internet-driven world, the notion of opening an old fashioned, brick and mortar toy store in the exact location where the previous one just closed could perhaps best be characterized by the phrase, “Here be dragons!” Who, in their right mind, would take such a risk? But where others see caution, Alana Carr sees opportunity. This peripatetic traveler, a graduate of The Claremont Colleges, has lived in Mexico and Ecuador and travelled the world (sometimes alone) from South America to Southeast Asia.


When Olympia’s iconic downtown toy store suddenly closed in February of 2014, Alana, who at the time was managing Compass Rose, saw opportunity. Partnering with the owner of Compass Rose, she decided to redesign and rebrand the toy store, and together they launched Captain Little that very summer. Several thousand delighted parents and screaming, excited children streamed into Captain Little on opening day in August of 2014, and the store has been wildly successful ever since.


There be dragons. But they are friendly. In Captain Little, you will also find toys, games, puzzles, science experiments, art supplies and children’s books galore. The toy store’s icon is a proud mouse, bravely captaining her little paper boat across the Puget Sound—perhaps in an unintended nod to Alana’s own personality. 


Thurston First Bank has been supportive of Captain Little every step of the way, not only providing banking solutions, but—perhaps more importantly—sharing the vision for a healthy and vibrant Downtown. As Alana would suggest, in a business world full of dragons, it is wise to partner with the best. That’s why she chose Thurston First.    


Visit Captain Little on the corner of 5th and Washington in beautiful Downtown Olympia! 

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